A new walk

Monday 26th May 2014

Jez and I tried a new walk today as we are staying in Highcliffe. We left Dad’s flat and headed in the direction of Highcliffe Beach. That said, we didn’t actually go onto the beach. We cut through to the main road, crossed it, and then picked up a footpath through Highcliffe Golf Course.

Walking across Highcliffe Golf Course

Between the golf course and the cliff top is Steamer Point Nature Reserve. Of course, I had my trainers on and it was pretty muddy, so I was trying to avoid the worst of it most of the time we were there. This was a little pond we found.

Pond at Steamer Point Nature Reserve

We walked on round and closer to the cliff we found this lovely little spot.

Pond at Steamer Point Nature Reserve

And this is the view from a little picnic area on top of the cliff.

Highcliffe Beach

As you can see, it was a bit of a miserable day. So miserable, in fact, that you cannot see the Isle of Wight in the distance.

We left the Nature Reserve and walked on to Highcliffe Castle. I have no photos of it for you today as it was raining. I will take some later though. After that we headed back to the flat. It’s a walk we will have to do again, but next time taking in the beach.

A year ago today

We had a stag beetle in our garden.

Stag Beetle


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