We made it to the beach today

Wednesday 28th May 2014

Today we headed for the beach for our walk. Rather than cut through the golf course, as we did on Monday, we walked to Highcliffe Castle, but I seemed to pick quite a long route along the main road. When we got to the castle we walked through the grounds and then walked down the zig zag onto Highcliffe Beach. After that we headed west towards Steamer Point and Friar’s Cliff. This was the view at Steamer Point, looking towards Friar’s Cliff and Avon Beach at Mudeford.

The beach at Steamer Point

If you are wondering about the name Steamer Point, there is a notice on the cliff saying it is so named as it was the place where there used to be a paddle steamer. I’ve hunted on the internet as I wondered what the paddle steamer was doing there, and apparently in 1829 it was pulled up onto the beach and for many years was used by people to live in.

Jez was running in and out of the sea, but wasn’t too keen on the pebble beach. Here she is about to shake, having come out of the water.

Jez about to shake after coming out of the sea

And lastly today, here’s a shot of some of the beach huts at Friar’s Cliff.

Beach Huts

A year ago today

We were out and about on Upton Heath

View across a damp, rainy Upton Heath


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