A walk on Burton Common

Saturday 31st May 2014

Burton is a small village on the edge of Christchurch in Dorset. My aunt lives there, and today I took Dad round to visit her this afternoon. It has been a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze, and so having dropped Jez off and nipping in to say ‘Hello’ I took Jez for a walk on Burton Common, which is actually an area a couple of miles out of the village. To get there we have to drive up a single track road and cross a ford. There is a small area to park and then you walk up a lane to the common. It was this lane that was the problem as it was a bit of a quagmire. It was a good job I had my walking boots on. This shot was taken up nearer the Common where it had dried out.

Jez heads towards Burton Common

As I said, it was a warm sunny day.

Burton Common

So Jez got hot, especially being somewhere she has only ever visited once before, and then she was only a young dog. She was pleased to find a little muddy pool where she could cool down.

Time to cool down

We walked on round the Common for about 45 minutes. At one point we get to cross a little stream.

Stream, Burton Common

And then it was back round the Common.

Burton Common

This time Jez found a large puddle to cool down in.

Jez cools down in a large puddle

Ah! That’s better.

That's better

Just by the entrance to the Common there was a foxgove in bloom.


At the end of the walk, of course, we had to walk back down that very muddy path. Which meant I had a very muddy little dog at the end of it. I got her back in the car (I have to lift her in so got mud all up my arms.). There was no way I wanted to take her into my Aunt’s or Dad’s covered in mud, so when we got to the ford across the road I pulled off the road, got a cloth from the car, soaked it in the stream and washed her legs and tummy off.

We went back to my Aunt’s and visited for a while before going back home. I’m sure Going out visiting and seeing his sister did my Dad the world of good.

A year ago today

Max and I went down to the Baiter in Poole and walked round the fair that was there.

Race O'Rama


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