A walk on Hengistbury Head

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

I did all my chores this morning, and we only had the nurse come in for the DVT injection today, so that left us the afternoon free again. Tuesday is one of the days my Dad normally visits my Aunt, so after lunch I drove him round to her house and dropped him off. And although it had been cloudy in the morning, by the time Jez and I were ready for our walk the sun had come out. There was still quite a breeze though. Today I drove Jez round to Hengistbury Head for our walk. Hengistbury Head is a spit of land that forms the seaward enclosure to Christchurch Harbour. The entrance to the harbour is a very narrow stretch of water between the Head and Mudeford Quay. It has been occupied by humans since the Stone age, but was principally an Iron Age settlement approximately 2,000 years ago.

Sign near the Visitor Centre

There is a walk around the old settlement, and next time we go I’ll try to follow that, but today a very excited dog (because she was somewhere new) decided she wanted to walk along the shoreline to Christchurch Harbour.


It’s a fairly long walk along the spit, which has a sandy beach and lots of beach huts at the far end, so a lot of people choose to take the land train.

Land Train

There has been a lot of controversy over this land train in recent months, as the Council would not renew the operator’s licence. However, after a local petition was raised they reviewed their decision, and so the land train is still running.

We however walked it – and a very pleasant walk it was to. This photo is looking along the shoreline towards Mudeford Quay.

View towards Mudeford Quay

Part way along Jez found a nice shady little spot under some oak trees, and while she sniffed around I sat down and phoned Chris. And I took this photo, looking towards the beach huts at the end of the spit.

Jez found us a nice place to sit

Further on still and we came across a dog rose with the biggest flowers I’ve ever seen (which, to be honest, makes me question whether it was a dog rose – perhaps someone can help me out here).

Bee on a very large dog rose

Further still and you can see the cottages I photographed yesterday on Mudeford Quay to the right of this photo, whilst the beach huts on the Head are on the right.

View towards Mudeford Quay

And here are some of those beach huts.

Beach Huts

I took Jez onto the beach at the seaward side here, which is sandy, and she had a great time. She dashed round and round, in and out of the wwater and got very excited. Fortunately I had a cone with me, so threw that into the shallow water for her.

By now we had been about an hour on our walk, so we walked along the road back to the car park. Here you can see the little lagoon which lies behind the beach huts.


And this is the walk back along the road – very different to our shoreline walk.

Path along the Head

Just as the road came to the end of the trees I took this photo looking across Christchurch Harbour to Christchurch Priory.

Christchurch Priory

All in all it was a really nice walk, and one that took us about an hour and a half. Jez didn’t mind though – she’d had a lovely time.

A year ago today

Max and I went to Canford Heath.

Poole from Canford Heath


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