A walk at Holmsley

Saturday 7th June 2014

After an early morning thunderstorm it has been a beautiful, hot and sunny day today. It started, as usual, with Jez’s morning walk.

Jez's morning walk

After lunch I took Dad round to my Aunt’s in the afternoon, then Jez and I headed out to Holmsley in the New Forest for our walk. This was a new walk for us. We parked the car and started off along a cycle track…

Jez heads down the track at Holmsley

… complete with cyclists.


On a hot afternoon it provided well needed shade for us.

Walkingin the shade

Along the way I came across a lovely clump of foxgloves.


There was a stream to the right of the track, and then boggy area on both sides. Jez decided to go down to the stream for a drink and a cool down. Unfortunately it was about 2 inches of water and then a foot of soft mud. The poor little soul sunk up to her armpits and struggled to get out again. Then, of course, she was covered in stinky mud. Fortunately we found a much cleaner stream, complete with little bridge, a bit further on.

Jez on the bridge

That is such a weird looking photo. It looks as though it has been photoshopped, but it hasn’t. It is simply a shot taken looking through the bridge. I love how it has turned out though.

At the bridge we turned back through the woods and headed in the direction of the road.

Jez in the forest

Jez particularly liked the smells along this section (I presume from the deer) and at one point when running off into the woods. When we got to the road we turned out onto the open heath part of the ‘Forest’, complete with New Forest ponies.

Vuew towards Holmsley Ridge

As we were walking along the Red Arrows display team flew overhead.

The Red Arrows fly overhead

After a little way we turned and headed back to the car again. En route we had to pass through a small group of ponies. The New Forest ponies are all owned by local residents, but they live out on the Forest, roaming freely.

New Forest Pony

To my delight one of the ponies had a young foal which spent all it’s time trying to hide behind it’s Mum.

New Forest Pony and foal

Jez was really good and stood quietly on the lead while I took my photos. I particularly like this one.

New Forest Pony and foal

Then we walked the short distance back to the car. The walk had taken us an hour, which is just about right for Jez. We drove back to my Aunt’s and went in for a little while for a chat, then Dad and I headed back home to his flat.

A year ago today

While Christ took the dogs out for their afternoon walk I took my new camera to Upton Country Park and along the shoreline of Holes Bay to try it out.

Upton House (rear view)


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