Another sunny walk in the New Forest

Sunday 8th June 2014

It was another lovely, warm sunny day today. Just as last Sunday, Chris and Max came for lunch. After lunch we all piled in the car, including Dad, and drove out into the New Forest. We went to a new location today: Wooton Coppice, near Bashley. The car park I chose was quite busy as there was a little stream there, and lots of families were picnicking while the children played in the water. We left Dad in the car, watching the picnickers, and took the dogs off into the Coppice for their walk. It didn’t start too well for Jez: Max found another bit of the stream and he and Jez went in. Unfortunately it was deeper than Jez was anticipating and she found herself having to swim – and Jez doesn’t do swimming! Anyway, here are Chris, Jez and Max walking along the cycle track in the Coppice.

Walking in Wooton Coopice, New Forest

There were lots of flowers growing along the track, including these irises.

Wild Irises

Most of the wild irises you see are yellow, so it made a nice change to see these. There were also quite a lot of what are think are Common Spotted Orchids. Here’s one…

Common Spotted Orchid

… and here’s another.

Common Spotted Orchid

While we were stopped waiting for one of the dogs at one point I was very surprised to see a Red Admiral butterfly land on Chris’ baseball hat.

Red Admiral on Chris' baseball cap

As I said, it was quite hot, so we were glad there was lots of water around for the dogs, including this little stream that Max found.

Max has found a new stream

Some of the water was quite boggy though, so it was good that we passed the same stream on the way back to the car so that the dogs could wash the mud off.

The dogs cool down in the stream

We walked on back to the car and then drove back towards Bashley, stopping in a pub on the way for a quick drink.

Chris went home at about 6pm, in time for him to see the start of the Grand Prix, which was exciting.

I’ve got one more photo for you today, which I took when I had to post a letter for Dad in the evening. It is of the local pet shop – and never did a shop have a more inappropriate name.

'Happy' Pets

If I thought Barry at our local Post Office was miserable, he’s got nothing on the man who runs this shop. He doesn’t want to talk to his customers, has never even said Hello to Jez, and never smiles. Which is a shame as his wife, who does the dog grooming from the back of the shop, is a lovely friendly lady who clearly loves dogs. It’s a shop I will try to avoid in future if I can – I like the shops I visit to be customer friendly.

A year ago today

It was a lovely sunny day and we went for a walk on Upton Heath. I’m starting to miss the heath.

Crossing the Roman Road onto the Heath


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