We return to Mudeford Quay

Wednesday 11th June 2014

Today was a physio day for Dad, but I wanted to get him out, plus he wanted to go to a shop to get some lamb chops for tomorrow’s lunch, so after his physio had been we all went down to Mudeford Quay.

Here is the view from the end of the Quay, looking across to Hengistbury Head where we were yesterday.

Looking at Hengistbury Head

There is a little ferry service that operates between the Quay and the Head. My cousins’ children used to work on it during school holidays when they were teenagers.

Ferry to Hengistbury Head

Jez had to investigate the lobster pots again today. The pots were covered in starlings, both old and young.

Young starlings on the lobster pots

A bit attraction for many people down the Quay is fishing for small crabs (which are later returned to the water).

Crab Fishing

It was low tide while we were there this afternoon.

Low Tide

So the fishermen were out digging for bait.

Digging for worms

Here’s a photo of the cottages.


And the pub and lifeboat station.

Lifeboat Station and Pub

I’ll finish today with a couple of photos of Jez that I took while we were there. I love her expression in this one.


And I really like this photo too.


If you want to see the other photos of her I took, just click on them in my Flickr stream to the right of the screen.

A year ago today

It looks like it was a bit of a rainy day. We went to Broadstone Rec. for our walk.

Rhododendrons at Broadstone Rec


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