Another very hot day

Friday 13th June 2013

It was another really hot day again today, and Jez didn’t want to go out at all, even though I offered to take her for a walk in the afternoon. So I had a lazy day and took her out in the evening instead. We went back to Steamer Point and Highcliffe beach, and started off by walking through Steamer Point Nature Reserve, where I saw this little Dunnock

This little dunnock was singing away

Further along I found an interesting old tree stump, which looks as though it’s got a face.

This old stump has a face

We walked along to Highcliffe Castle and then walked down the zig zag to the beach. This was looking east (please excuse my shadow in some of these photos).

Highcliffe Beach in the evening sun

And this was looking west.

Highcliffe Beach - early evening

Jez soon found another dog to play with.

Jez finds a playmate

They had a good run around.

They have a good run around

Which left me with a very excited…

Excited dog

… and happy little dog.

Hapy dog

Here she is running out of the sea.

Running out of the sea

We walked along to Steamer Point where I took this shot looking back towards Highcliffe.

Highcliffe Beach - early evening

And after that we made our way back to the car. Given how hot it has been today it was a good choice of time and location for a walk.

A year ago today

I took Jez and Max to Canford Heath, where they found part of a deer leg which they were both vying for. But rather than share that photo with you I thought you’d prefer this bee on one of my geraniums.

A bee on my geraniums


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