A walk around St Catherine’s Hill, Christchurch

Saturday 14th June 2014

It wasn’t quite so hot today, but was still very warm and humid. This afternoon I took my Dad to his sister’s, as usual on a Saturday, and Jez and I went on to St. Catherine’s Hill on the edge of Christchurch. This is a very popular dog walking area and we know many people back home who bring their dogs out here. It is, as it’s name suggests, a hill, and is also another nature reserve.

We had to park on one of the nearby streets, and then we walked onto the base of the hill which is wooded.

The woods at St Catherine's Hill

When you get to the top there is a path around the northern edge, and the views are wonderful.

The woods at St Catherine's Hill

This is the path heading east.

Cyclist on the path at St Catherine's Hill

There also appears to be a route which runs along the bottom of the hill, which you can see in this photo, and which I hope we can try one day.

View from St Catherine's Hill

At one point we found a nice, shaded seat.

Shady seat on St Catherine's Hill

From which there are views over the River Avon, one of the two rivers that meet at Christchurch (the other being the River Stour).

River Avon from St Catherine's Hill

And fortunately Jez found a pond to cool down in.

Jez cools down

After that we walked on round. At the southern end is a rifle range, and as we approached they started firing, which Jez didn’t like at all, so we walked back across the hill and then headed back to the car.

A nice little walk, but spoiled by that stupid rifle range.

A year ago today

We went for a walk down to Parkstone Bay and ended up at the little harbour next to Poole Quay.

Fishing Boats


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