Walking in New Milton

Monday 16th June 2014

We were lucky today as the physio came early enough for Dad to be able to come out with us in the afternoon. We wanted to get some meat and vegetables at the farm shop, so drove out to Bashley, and then we went on to New Milton, where Dad knew there was a nice duck pond. I had checked on the map and there appeared to be a walk adjacent to it, so I left Dad sitting by the duck pond while Jez and I went and explored.

Duck Pond, New Milton

What we found was a meadow called Ballard Common.

Ballard Common, New Milton

Jez enjoyed exploring it as it was somewhere new to her.

Jez on Ballard Common

This was a new flower for me. A sign told us it was Hemlock Water Droplet.

Hemlock Water Droplet

And this pretty little flower is known as Ragged Robin.

Ragged Robin

At the back of the meadow there is a little wood, called Great Woar Copse, so we continued on into that.

Great Woar Copse, New Milton

It was a good job I had my iPhone with my OS maps and GPS on it though: the wood might not be big but I managed to lose all sense of direction and needed the phone to work out where I was and which direction I had to walk in to get back to the car!

From New Milton I drove on to nearby Barton on Sea where today we managed to get our ice cream.

And lastly, I think I may have mentioned that when we go for our nightime walk we occasionally come across a hedgehog. Well tonight there was one outside the flat so I took it some of Jez’s food, which it quickly tucked into.

A Nightime visitor tucks into some of Jez's food

A year ago today

Dad and Pat came to lunch as it was Father’s Day.

Dad and Pat with the dogs


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