Back to Stanpit today

Wednesday 18th June 2014

Today was Dad’s physio day, so there was only Jez and I on our walk this afternoon. I decided to take her back to Stanpit and try the alternative walk there, which follows the footpath to Two Riversmeet Leisure Centre before heading towards the river and then back to Stanpit Marsh. It was a big mistake though. For a start it was way too hot for Jez, and there was no watering spots on this route. Secondly, I’d hoped for nice views of Christchurch Priory across the river. However, despite following the signs for priory views there were none, and when the path got to the river we were faced with a private boatyard and the path turned along a tree-lined lane and then back round the golf course. Poor little Jez – she really did get way too hot.

I did take a couple of wild flower photos though. This is of a lovely little dog rose.

Dog Rose

And this is called Green Alkanet (don’t ask me why when it’s blue).

Blue Alkanet

When we got back to Stanpit Jez had to lie down in the shade. So I took the opportunity to take a few photos of her.



I then walked her across the bottom of the field and out onto Stanpit Marsh as I knew from our previous walk that there was water closeby. Here’s a view across the marsh.

View over Stanpit Marsh

We found the water, for which Jez was extremely grateful. And I also found, by the side of it, these lovely little pink flowers (although I’m not sure what they are).

Pretty in Pink

I think today’s lesson, though, is to avoid Stanpit when it’s hot.

A year ago today

We walked on Canford Heath, but back home I took this rather lovely photo of a geranium in my garden.



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