A return to Wooton Coppice

Saturday 21st June 2014

This morning I got to have a shower – woot, woot, woot! I have been bathing at Dad’s you understand, but it was so nice to have a shower. Then I had to do some cleaning (apparently bathrooms and towels don’t need cleaning in my absence) before I packed Jez in the car and headed back to Dad’s to cook his lunch.

In the afternoon I took Dad round to my Aunt’s and then took Jez on out into the New Forest in search of some shade for her walk. We went back to Wooton Coppice. In the car park by the stream we met this lovely 6 month old staffy and her owner.

Young staffy and owner

After the dogs had said ‘hello’ and her owner and I had had a chat we headed into the coppice.

Jez in Wooton Coppice

Today I spent quite a while photographing the wild flowers.

We have a blackberry flower.

Blackberry Flower

More Ragged Robin.

Ragged Robin

A thistle.

Thistle Flower

Yellow Vetch.

Yellow Vetch

And the Common Spotted Orchids.

Common Spotted Orchid

Our walk was a mixture of sun and shade.

Wooton Coppice

Jez still got hot though, and had to have her mandatory rest in the shade.


But at least there is a stream for her to cool down in.

Time to cool down at last

And she also gets to go in the stream for a drink and a cool down when we get back to the car park.

After our walk I went and picked Dad up, and stayed and had a chat with my Aunt, and then we went back to the flat and tea.

A year ago today

Chris and Max in the garden.

Well if you insist.


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