An ‘Ocean Cruise’ with Dorset Wildlife Trust

Friday 20th June 2014

Of course, it wasn’t quite as glamorous as it sounds. It was a cruise out of Poole Harbour round to Swanage Bay and Dancing Ledge, in celebration of World Oceans Day which had been on 6th June. So after lunch with Dad I went home and spent the afternoon pottering about, before Poole dropped me down in Poole to catch the boat which left at 6.30pm from Poole Quay. It was nearly a disaster: I had spent ages checking my camera equipment only to find that I had no memory card in it once again. Fortunately, though, I had my main camera bag with me which had a spare in. I took lots of photos. I won’t post them all here, but if you want to see more just click on my Flickr stream to the right to see the rest.

So down at Poole Quay a big 3 rig sailing, operated by the Jubilee Trust, was tied up.

Junilee Sailing Trust ship - Tenacious

The Quay was really busy, partly due to the many groups of Cubs and Brownies heading over to Brownsea Island for a week-end camp. This is one of the boats taking them over.

Cubs and Brownies en route to camp on Brownsea

We left the Quay promptly. This view, looking back, shows the old and the new: the 3 rigger on the right and on the left brand new Sunseekers are tied up.

Junilee Sailing Trust ship - Tenacious

Meanwhile a cat’ was coming into the marina.

Poole Harbour

We left the harbour and went along the coast past Studland Bay to Old Harry Rocks.

Sandbanks and Old Harry Rocks

A closer view of Old Harry Rocks (can you spot the canoeists beached there?).

Old Harry Rocks

And from behind.

Old Harry Rocks

We went past Tilly Whim Caves.

Tilly Whim Caves

And Anvil Point with it’s lighthouse.

Anvil Point

Along the way we passed fishermen…


… climbers …


… and swimmers.


Eventually we got to Dancing Ledge, where there were lots of Guillemots, all crowding on the ledges.


A Cormorant.


And Puffins.


After that we headed home. This is Swanage at dusk.

Swanage at dusk

And with the sun setting over Swanage Bay.

Sunset over Swanage Bay

Old Harry Rocks looked particularly nice at sunset.

Old Harry Rocks at Sunset

As we came back to Poole people on the boat had a treat watching the sun go down.

Watching the sun set

It was a lovely sunset.

Sunset Off Studland Beach

And here’s another one.


Finally we came back into Poole Harbour, and this was the final photo, taken across the Brownsea Lagoon.

Sunset over Brownsea Lagoon

It was a very pleasant evening, although the boat could have done to have been a bit less crowded. In all the ‘cruise’ took 3 hours. And, big treat, I got to sleep in my own bed that night!

A year ago today

I was busy with my macro lens in the garden. Here’s one of the iris growing in the pond.



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