Another walk around Hengistbury Head

Sunday 22nd June 2014

It was another scorcher today. After cooking lunch and washing up Jez and I took Dad with us out to Hengistbury Head. I dropped him at the cafe, parked the car and then walked down to the Visitor Centre with him. I left him there to look around at their new displays on the history of the Head while Jez and I went for a walk. And this time I’d remembered to put a memory card in the camera!

As I said, it was hot, so our first port of call was the estuary so that she could cool down.

Time for Jez to cool Down

We then took a slightly different route and walked up to the top of the Head and headed in the direction of the beach huts and the beach. This was the view towards Mudeford today.

View towards Mudeford

In the middle of the Head is the old quarry lake.


In the past this has been very acidic, but apparently it is gradually getting back to a more neutral pH that will support plants and wildlife. It’s fenced off, but on such a hot day as this it didn’t stop Jez who found a gap under the fence and made straight for the lake to cool down. She didn’t seem to mind the acidity.

In places along the path there were flowers in bloom.

Clifftop flowers

And when we got to the end we were rewarded will lovely views over the beach.

View over the Head

We walked down the hill to the beach where Jez went in the sea to cool down once again. Unfortunately she was rather taken by surprise by a wave that broke right behind her.

That uncomfortable moment when a wave breaks up you bottom!

We headed back to the cafe and the car along the road. As we passed the lagoon I looked back. The beach huts were reflected in the lagoon, making a rather nice photo.

Beach huts reflected

Before we got back to the cafe Jez had to go into the estuary waters to cool down one final time. Then we headed to the cafe where we found Dad sitting down with a cool drink. After all of which we headed home for our tea.

A year ago today

We walked over Upton Heath where the ponies were right out in the centre of the heath.

The ponies were in the middle of the heath today


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