We try out Broadley Inclosure today

Monday 23rd June 2014

When we went to Wooton Inclosure on Saturday I noticed that the path into the forest on the opposite side of the road looked nice and shaded. The weather is still very hot (really too hot for Jez) so today I parked in the little car park at Wooton Bridge and crossed the road to what is known as Broadley Inclosure.

As we entered the gate there was a big sign saying they were doing works in the Inclosure and to follow any instructions, but the path was open so we pressed on. The work appeared to involve re-making the main paths.

Jez heads into Broadley Inclosure

A little way after I took this photo we say lots of heavy machinery off to the path to our left, so we continued straight on.

Path through Broadley Inclosure

When we got to the path where I wanted to turn left for our circular walk there were more warning signs which suggested the path was closed. But as we couldn’t hear any machinery (it’s fairly easy to hear it a long way off) we went down the path anyway. It was all clear, but when we got to the bottom they were working on the path to our right, so we turned left out of the Incosure (I had to climb the gate which they’d padlocked shut). On the grass out the back I found several orchids, such as this one…

Common Spotted Orchid

… and this one.


As we got to the corner of the Inclosure we reached a stream, and Jez was very grateful for the opportunity to cool down.

A stream to cool down in at last!

After that I chose a path shown on the map between the Inclosure fence and the stream. It was very shady at in places very pretty down there.

Stream alongside Broadley Inclosure

It was very difficult walking in places though, due to exposed tree roots and boggy areas. In one place I trod on a branch which shot up and dug into my opposite leg, just below my knee. It was really painful and I have a large bruise to show for it. Eventually we got back to the road and the car though. I think if we go there again I’ll wait until they’ve finished all their work, then I can avoid the path by the stream!

A year ago today

We went to my god-daughter’s son’s Christening. Here is my god-daughter, Sherida, with Toby.

Sherida with Toby at his Christening


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