Today it’s the turn of Christchurch Castle

Sunday 29th June 2014

What with one thing and another Dad and I were later going out this afternoon. By the time we actually go out it was quite cloudy and threatening to rain, although fortunately we only had the odd spot. It made for some good atmospheric photographs of the ruins of Christchurch Castle though.

The construction of Christchurch castle started just after 1100. The castle was a classic Norman Motte and Bailey castle: the Motte being a high mound with a keep on it, and the Bailey being a fortified enclosure next to the Motte.

The Motte and Keep

The original buildings would have been wooden. The stone remains, seen below, date from around 1300.

The Keep, Christchurch Castle

This is the view of the Priory from the top of the Motte.

Christchurch Priory

What is unusual about Christchurch castle is that one of the buildings, now known as the Norman House, remains within the area of what was the Bailey.

The Norman House

This was apparently the Constable’s house (the Constable being the person who managed the castle and it’s defences. This is a closer view of it.

The Norman House

And here you can see the interior, including a rare Norman chimney.

The Norman House

That line of small homes you see running vertically represents a floor level.

While I photographed the castle I left Dad in some small gardens at the back of the shops. While we were there I took some photos of him that I rather like. I quite like this one.


But this is my favourite.


And lastly, a wonderful tree carving from the gardens for you.

Tree Carving

A year ago today

It was a lovely hot day and we walked over Upton Heath, where I took this photo of an Emperor Dragonfly ovipositing.

Emperor Dragonfly ovipositing


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