I get to walk on Upton Heath again

Wednesday 2nd July 2014

I went home again today, but only for an overnight stay. As usual, I got Dad’s lunch then headed home shortly afterwards. It was good to be home and the dogs were really pleased to see me (I’m not so sure about Chris!). Today, rather than tackle the garden, I took the dogs for a walk over Upton Heath in the afternoon. We did our usual Saturday walk: onto the Heath at Beechbank Avenue – up the Roman Road to Pinesprings – onto the Heath and up the hill near Beacon Road – round the back of the hill – down across the Heath to Max’s favourite pond – back to Beechbank Avenue.

So our first stop (or should I say Jez’s first stop) was Pinesprings nature reserve where I took this photo of a rather shaggy looking Max.

Max needs a trim

Jez, of course, had to have a lie down. Here she is with her ears pricked as she’s heard something.

Jez has heard something

The Heath, itself, was looking rather nice today in the late afternoon sun. Notice how green it is now.

Upton Heath

Just after we’d turned onto it I spotted a buzzard (I think it might be a young one) on the electricity wires.


While I took my photo Jez sat down to wait for me.

Time for a sit down

We walked around the back of the hill where I took this photo of some ragwort.


It’s a plant that the Wildlife Trust are trying to eradicate in many places. In fact, a few minutes later we saw a man wandering around spraying certain plants, so it could have been these.

Jez was very pleased when we eventually got to the little pool of water where she could cool down.

A chance to cool dwn

Max, as you can see, just wanted me to throw sticks for him – and then when I did he ignored them!

Down the bottom of the hill Max was very disappointed that one of his favourite gullies had dried up.

Oh no! Where's the water gone?

But he was a happy boy again when we got to the pond.

Max has found some water

After which we headed back home. It was great to be able to spend time sitting in the garden and then relaxing in the evening watching TV with Chris. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m home again permanently.

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Canford Heath and me our friends, the two Barneys.

Meet Barney and Barney


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