Well that was a mistake

Tuesday 1st July 2014

So July is upon us already. I really don’t know where the year has gone. I’m not too sure where my summer has gone either having spent the past 5 weeks at Dad’s flat. I’ve missed my garden, although at least I’ve got out and about around here for a change. Today, being Tuesday, I took Dad to my Aunt’s in the afternoon then went for a walk. I decided to follow the Avon Valley Path for a short way from Burton, where my Aunt lives, and then cut back through the village of Winkton before completing a circular route back to Burton.

The start of the walk was fine. This is an old cottage in Burton.

Cottage in Burton

And this is Burton Manor, now apartments.

Burton Manor

The section of the Avon Valley path I followed was fairly uninteresting – just a narrow track between fields. So when I got the opportunity I crossed a little stream to where a footpath wound around fields to the village of Winton. It started off ok. I took this photo of an Oxeye Daisy.

Oxeye daily

And I had to be careful not to tread on this Peacock Butterfly caterpillar.

Peacock Butterfly caterpillar

But the footpath wound round 3 sides of a field of ripe oilseed rape. Now I don’t know if you know this stuff, but is is hard and woody. This was the view across the field.

View across the field I had to battle my way around

The first two sides weren’t too bad, but on the third side the farmer had let the crop grow across the footpath. I made the mistake of attempting to go on, rather than turn back. To say it was hard going would be an underestimate. You had to fight your way through it – and as it is hard it was a real battle. And when I got to the end the exit from the field onto the next bit of the footpath was blocked, so I had to battle on round the 4th side and back to where I had started. At the end I was hot and exhausted, and my legs really ached from pushing my way through 5 feet plus tall of oilseed rape. So much for public footpaths!

In amongst it all I did find this nice Greater Burdock.

Greater Burdock

Which seemed to be very attractive to Longhorn Beetles (seen here).

Longhorn Beetle on Greater Burdock

By the time I got to Winkton, though I was tired. I had been hoping to find a path down to the weirs on the River Avon, but they were all marked ‘Private’ so I was out of luck and instead had to walk back along the main road to Burton. I made my way back through the village to the village green.

Burton Green

And then it was back to my Aunt’s. Not my best choice of walk!

A year ago today

We went to Upton Country Park where I took this photo of Sea Holly.

Sea Holly in the Walled Garden


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