I took Dad for a walk along Christchurch quay

Friday 4th July 2014

It wasn’t such a nice day today: lots of cloud and quite a chilly wind. I was hunting around for somewhere to take Dad for a walk and in the end we went down to Christchurch Quay, which is along the River Stour where I walked last Saturday. Fortunately the sun came out after a little while.

River Stour

Dad walked quite a long way, albeit with a few short sit downs along the way, which was good. When we got up near to Place Mill the swans were out on the path again, hassling people for food. This one spotted us and started heading towards us in a very determined way.

Heading my way

He came right up to us before he worked out that we weren’t going to feed him.

Feed me!

Walking back my eye was caught by a Greater Black Backed Gull on the boats moored in the river, so I quickly changed my lens over to try and get a shot of him.

Greater Black Backed Gull

I managed it just in time as I only got that one shot before he flew away.

Take off

They are not a rare gull but I’m not used to seeing them around here.

A year ago today

We took Max to the vet as he’d been limping badly and they diagnosed arthritis in his elbow. He was feeling very sorry for himself.

Poor Max is a poorly boy


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