A wander around Christchurch

Saturday 5th July 2014

The sunshine seems to have left us today and there is the promise of rain in the air. As usual on a Saturday I took my Dad to my Aunt’s and, after a quick chat, dropped him off. I then drove down to Christchurch, parking at Two Riversmeet just out of the centre of town to try and avoid the problems I had finding a parking space last Saturday. Although the weather was better then there is a music festival on here today, so I’m guessing it’s going to be quite busy.

The plan today was to take a little walk around the part of the centre of Christchurch that I’ve missed previously, including the River Avon, in order to take some photos to share with you.

So first off I headed for Castle Street and the twin bridges over the River Avon. First, though, I passed this fairly new mews of town houses.

Townhouses, Christchurch

After that I crossed the first of the bridges over the River Avon. This was the view upstream.

River Avon

And this was the view downstream from the second bridge.

River Avon

There was also a rather nice view across the Norman House from here.

Norman House

At this point I turned away from the road and walked along the little path you can see opposite the Norman House.

Norman House

And here is another view of it looking back towards the road.

Norman House

A few yards on and you come to Convent Walk, which the plaque tells me was opened in 1911 to celebrate the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary.

Convent Walk

The walk goes around the west end of the priory and ends up by Place Mill. This photo is taken at the Place Mill end of the walk (the mill is the other side of the little bridge).

Convent Walk

From there I walked around a new waterside developement called Priory Quays…

Priory Quay

… which afforded views down the River Stour towards Hengistbury Head.

River Stour

The music festival was in full flow further along the Stour, but as it wBack Lanesas all fenced off I haven’t bothered with any photos (who wants to see photos of tents and fencing?). So I walked back through the Priory Grounds to the High Street, which gave me another opportunity to photograph the Priory.

Christchurch Priory

The High Street was busy, as you would expect, so I turned off down the back lanes.

Back Lanes

Soon, though, I was back on the High Steet where, in Saxon Square, there were all different types of dancing taking place. This shot is of a group of Country Dancers.

Dancing in Saxon Square

After that I headed back to the car, over the twin bridges in Castle Street, just pausing to take a photo of the old tea rooms on the way.

Tea Rooms

I hope you have enjoyed our little stroll around Christchurch today.

A year ago today

I was back photographing bees in the garden.

White tailed bee on lavender


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