Chris and the dogs come to lunch

Sunday 6th July 2014

Chris and the dogs came to lunch today. Chris hadn’t been over for a few weeks, and although I had only seen the 3 of them on Thursday I was really looking forward to it. The plan was that we watch the start of the British Grand Prix, have lunch, and then watch the rest of the Grand Prix. Of course, in the end there was a re-start which was delayed for an hour, so in the end our afternoon was running very behind schedule. I thought it was a really exciting race, and it was great to see Lewis Hamilton win, but I’m not sure Chris and Jez agreed with me.

Chris and Jez watch an exciting British Grand Prix

All of this meant that we were very late going out for a walk. Rain was threatening and so we didn’t go too far: just to Barton on Sea, as Chris had not been there. However, by the time we got there the storm clouds were gathering.

The storm clouds were gathering as we got to the beach

This was the view back over the cliffs from the beach.

Storm clouds head over the cliffs

Max didn’t care though. He was just so excited to be in the sea.

Max is happy playing in the sea

And after diving in the waves as soon as she got on the beach, Jez contented herself with wandering along beside Chris.

Chris and Jez on the beach

The trouble was, those storm clouds got worse and came ever closer.

Yes, it's going to rain!

And yes, you’ve guessed it – that rain fell on us before we could get back to the car. Fortunately we found shelter on the clifftop, as did Dad who was taking a stroll up there. So we didn’t really get very wet.

After Chris and the dogs and gone home at tea time Dad and I settled down for the evening. But as I looked out of the living room window I realised the light and clouds made for a great photo, so grabbed the camera and nipped out. This was what I had seen.

Dark skies ad sunshine at Highcliffe

Such beautiful light.

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Upton Heath where I took this photo of an Emperor Dragonfly in flight.

Emperor Dragonfly in flight


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