Dad’s rehabilitation continues

Monday 7th July 2014

One thing we had to wait at least 6 weeks after his operation for was for Dad to be able to drive again. In the end it has been 7 weeks, but today I got him to drive us to Sainsburys to do the grocery shopping.

Dad's driven for the first time since his operation

He managed absolutely fine, so I am a step nearer being able to return home and leave him to his own devices. He’s also fine pushing a trolley around these big stores.

Dad shopping in Sainsburys

In the afternoon we went out to the farm shop at Bashley and I got him to drive there and back too. At the farm shop we had a little wander round and found a fenced off area containing several pigs.

Pig at the farm shop

And lastly, I took the opportunity to nip across the road to take a photo of the very picturesque cottage opposite.


I always think it looks like something that should be on a jigsaw puzzle.

All of today’s photos were taken on my iPhone, by the way.

A year ago today

Here’s Max my his swimming spot in Creekmoor Ponds.

Max at his swimming spot


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