A walk around Highcliffe

Tuesday 8th July 2014

Well, not all of Highcliffe, of course – it’s too big for that. But after lunch, when I had packed Dad off my Aunt’s (I let him drive himself today!), I set off to walk to Highcliffe castle and from there east along the beach.

My first photo of the afternoon was this pretty little cornflower, spattered with rain drops, which was growing in someone’s garden.


I took several more photos of Highcliffe Castle today as I had the EOS 6D with me, so here’s another view of it.

Highcliffe Castle

When I said I walked east along the beach that wasn’t strictly correct. I actually walked east along a path that was just up from the beach but below the cliff top. Which was where I spotted this hoverfly coming in to land.

Coming in to land

And I was surprised to see that the blackberries are starting to ripen already.

The blackberries are ripening

A bit further on and the path came closer to the beach and I lost the trees that grew along it higher up.

Highcliffe Beach

In that photo, and this next one, you can make out Barton on Sea, which is the next town along.

Highcliffe Beach

At the time I took those photos I had stopped to chat to a couple of lifeguards who were keeping an eye on the beach: not that there was anyone in or near the water to keep an eye on. They were talking on the radio to their colleagues further up the coast at Poole and Bournemouth and were telling me that there was a huge thunderstorm there. In fact, after I got home it was all over Twitter and later the news as parts of the towns were flooded. This photo, though, shows you Poole and Bournemouth being hit by said storm.

Storm over Poole and Bournemouth

I had taken my waterproof coat with me as rain had been forecast, and I was glad I had for this was the view when I turned up from the beach a few minutes later.

The storm clouds are heading my way

The place where I turned back inland from the beach was Chewton Bunny. You may remember that I visited Chewton Common a few weeks ago, and there is a big, luxury hotel here called Chewton Glen. But back to Chewton Bunny: as the sign explains, ‘Bunny’ is a New Forest term meaning a narrow valley or wooded ravine. Which is very apposite for this little valley.

Chewton Bunny

The Bunny ends at the main road, where the stream drops over a little waterfall.


When I was walking along there I felt a spot or two of rain, so put by coat on. After I left the Bunney and walked back along the main road through the town it started to rain. But fortunately it was only a quick shower and we missed that huge storm.

A year ago today

Jez, Max and I went to Upton Country Park where we met these young calves.

Brave litte chap


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