Back to normal

Monday 14th July 2014

Which means that Monday is bin day and it’s time to go for a walk over Upton Heath. Walking along the old railway line I came across what I’ve now identified to be Common Toadflax. I seems to be very attractive to insects.

Attractive to insects

There were also lots of small heath butterflies around this morning. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t want to settle for long enough for me to get a photo. This was the best I could do, I’m afraid.

Small Heath Butterfly

It was quite a hot morning, so Jez was glad to have a lie down in the shade when she found some.

Jez rests in the shade

Max just wanted me to throw a cone for him, but he did pause for long enough for me to snap this shot.


As usual we came home via Creekmoor Ponds, where both dogs cooled off in the water.

After that it was back into the usual round of shopping, cleaning, washing and cooking for me. It’s a good feeling being back though.

A year ago today

Jez sits and gazes out over Creekmoor Ponds.

Jez sits in the shade watching the fishermen opposite


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