Ham Common and the beach

Tuesday 15th July 2014

The tide was just about right this morning for us to take a trip down to Ham Common and the beach. Much to my surprise Jez decided to come too. It was another in this long series of hot days, so both dogs found the water very welcoming. Max spent his time retrieving his cone.

Max on Hamworthy Beach

But Jezebel would wade in every now and then to cool down too.

Jez in the sea

It’s no wonder Max is always thirsty after he’s been playing in the sea. Not only does he manage to swallow lots of water while he’s getting his cone, but it seems that he likes to lick the salt off his nose too.

Max shows us his tongue

As usual we walked along the beach and then on the short circular path around the cliffs before heading back to Ham Common lake so that Max could have a swim.

In the lake

After that it was back to the beach again. Here’s a shot along Lake Pier to finish.

Lake Pier, Hamworthy

WE all had a lovely walk, although oddly enough I managed to stay out of the water.

A year ago today

The garden looked a lot tidier this time last year.

The garden this evening


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