Max and I go for a walk on Canford Heath

Wednesday 16th July 2014

It was back to Canford Heath for Max and I this morning, while Jezebel stayed snoozing in bed. It was also a lot more overcast, although still quite warm. I parked on Gravel Hill and we walked across the Heath towards Steeple Close and the little pond there. Max was none too pleased to find that it was already occupied.

Max wasn't too happy to find the cows at 'his' pond

We skirted around the cows, who watched us suspiciously …

A matching pair

… and Max eventually got in the pond.

Max in the pond

The cows were keeping a close eye on him though.

The cows weren't too happy to find Max in their pond

There may have been water in the pond but it was pretty muddy around the margins, so once he got out I ended up with a two-tone dog.

Tide line

At least I managed to wash him off in a somewhat cleaner pond before he had to get back in the car though.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk at Upton Country Park.

Max finds a shady path


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