Happy 6th Birthday Max

Thursday 17th July 2014

Today was Max’s 6th birthday. I don’t know where the time has gone. We started the day by going for a walk along the River Stour at Cowgrove.

River Stour at Cowgrove

When we got to the shallow part of the river where we play both dogs went in the water. Then, while I continued to play with Max, Jez got out and sat on the bank.

Jez by the River Stour

A little bit further along the path and we got to Max’s swimming spot.

A swim on his birthday

And here is another photo of the birthday boy.

Pause for breath

We did out little loop through the farm and then went back to the shallow spot to play. By now there were lots of dogs there. Max didn’t let that detract from the serious business of retrieving his cone though.

Max retreiving his cone

I had put my old trainers on, so was able to wade out into the river to play with the dogs. We had a lovely time. And Jez even had a long swim – it was the first time ever that she’s done more than a couple of panicky strokes when she has got out of her depth. It was so funny to watch as she keeps trying to shake while she swims. As I was in the middle of the river I was able to take some video of her, which you can see here: https://flic.kr/p/o96NeX . And if you’re wondering, the vet says the fact that she leans her head to the side as she swims is most probably due to her back injury.

So back home I made some cup cakes for Max’s birthday. The four on the left are for the dogs and the others are for Chris and I.

There were doggy and human birthday cakes

And then Max had his presents.

The Birthday Boy - 6 years old today

Later in the afternoon, while Chris took the dogs for their second walk, I was sitting in the garden and heard this funny clicking sound. Turned out the ants were flying.

The ants were flying today

Which seemed to give the seagulls something to gather for (I can’t think of any other reason as they don’t normally do this over the housing estate).

Seagulls gather for the feast

So I lay and watched them circling above.

Circling overhead

All in all it was a very good day for a birthday.

A year ago today

Guess what? It was Max’s 5th birthday, and he celebrated by going over Upton Heath, getting soaking wet in the lake, and then rolling in the horse poop!

Max's 5th birthday present to himself


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