The Sika Trail in Wareham Forest

Sunday 20th July 2014

It has been another very hot day again today, although fortunately there is some cloud around. In the morning I did some much needed catching up with photos and posts for this blog whilst baking bread for lunch. In the afternoon I took Jez and Max to the Sika Trail in Wareham Forest for their walk. I wanted somewhere where I knew we would find quite a bit of water for them to cool down in. This is the dogs on the first part of the Trail, overlooking the golf course and the Purbecks.

Jez and Max

There were loads of Small Heath Butterflies flitting around today, like this one.

Small Heath Butterfly

And I spotted this beautiful Peacock Butterfly too.

Peacock Butterfly

There were also loads of big dragonflies around, but every time I got near the water Max splashed in ahead of me a scared them off! Here he is in one of the earlier water-filled ditches we found. But can you spot Jez?

Where's Jez?

Once we get onto the lower path and skirt Decoy Heath there is a lot of water around. This is the view across Decoy Heath itself.

View over Decoy Heath

And here is Max in one of the ponds, having frightened off the dragonflies.

Max in one of the ponds

Both dogs were in and out of the water all the way along to the Gruffalo Pool where I took this photo of Max.

Max in the Gruffalo Pool

After that we followed the remainder of the Sika Trail back to the car park. This is the first time I’ve done this section of the trail in about two years: partly because it is a bit further for Jez to walk, and partly because it has been so wet and boggy along this section. It is still quite muddy in places, but the Forestry Commission now seem to have made new detours around the worst of the mud. This is Jez (and Max) on one of these little detours – Jez seems to particularly like the vantage point of the tree trunk.

Queen of the Castle

After that we headed back to the car park. This walk had been a good choice today: not too hot due to the cloud, but plenty of water for the dogs when the sun did come out.

A year ago today

It was another hot, sunny day and we went for a walk on Upton Heath.

A hot day on Upton Heath


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