A two walk day

Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Of course, the dogs get two walks every day (well Max does – Jez sometimes chooses not to go). Actually, Jez chose not to come out this morning, but today I got two walks. I started with a morning walk out the river at Cowgrove, where we found a ‘meeting’ taking place in the middle of the river which we joined for a while.

Morning meetings in the River Stour

We walked on round and Max had a swim.

Max has a morning swim

Then we came back to the playing place again, where we waded out into the river to play again. While there I spotted this little family of ducks swimming off.

A family outing

After we got home I had an early lunch and then drove over to Highcliffe to take Dad to the eye clinic for an injection. En route home we called into the furniture store where I ordered a new sofa (well, two new sofas actually). I have been looking at them for a few weeks now and Chris gave his approval last weekend, so after measuring up to see what would fit where I went back to choose the fabric and order them.

In the evening, after supper, Chris took the dogs to Delph Woods, and I decided to tag along too. This is Chris and Max at the pond near the central car park.

What have you got there?

And here’s Chris and Max down at the lake.

Chris and Max at the lake

Note that by now I was having to use fill-in flash. At the end of the walk Jez took us onto the cricket pitch where she proceeded to lay down for a little rest.

Jez on the cricket pitch

It was a nice walk, but my legs are now covered in rather nasty insect bites!

A year ago today

Max and I went to Canford Heath where we met the cows.

I want to be alone

At which point Max managed to smother himself in fresh cow poop and I had trouble finding enough water to wash him off in.


One thought on “A two walk day

  1. It’s nice to see Chris in the photos. I am pressed for time but I get anxious if I go too long without seeing Jez and Max! Jez has got to be one of the most photogenic dogs I have ever seen, and Max always makes me smile!

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