Blue sky, Blue sea

Tuesday 22nd July 2014

We were out and about fairly early again this morning to avoid the worst of the heat. Our water themed walk this morning took us to Lake Pier at Hamworthy, where it was looking very blue.


Max is such a strange dog. He loves the water, but won’t go in unless you throw something for him. Here he is waiting at the water’s edge when we first arrive.

Max waits to play

Jez, meanwhile, just wades on in.

Jez in the sea

We did out usual walk, but spent a long time in the water keeping cool as we headed back to the car. Here’s Max in the sea.

Max in the sea

And here’s Jez.

Treat please, Mum

A good choice of walk for a hot morning.

A year ago today

I took the camera out in the evening to take photos of the sunset over Creekmoor Ponds.

Creekmoor Ponds at sunset


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