An evening walk for us today

Thursday 24th July 2014

Jez had a physio appointment this morning. This will be her last for some time as her physiotherapist, Rachael, is going on maternity leave. So we wish her the very best and will miss her. That meant that I was doing the second walk of the day. Temperatures have been about 27C though, so it is far too hot to take the dogs out in the afternoon. That meant that we went for our walk in the evening. And as it was still very hot it also meant that we headed for the river again.

Walking along the path to where the dogs play I thought the otter carving looked wonderful in the evening sunlight.

Otter Carving in the setting sun

We had a quick play in the river, then went on to Max’s swimming spot, after which he decided that it was a good time to show us his tongue.

Max shows us his tongue

Further on round and there were some young steers in the farmer’s field. This one was chomping away on the nettles.

Chewing nettles in the evening sunlight

Until Jez decided to say hello to him, that is. He seemed keen to make her acquaintance, but I don’t think Jez was quite so sure once she saw the size of him.

Jez isn't too sure

After that it was back to the river for a nice long play in the cooling water. Here’s Max.

Evening at the River Stour

And here’s Jez.

Evening at the River Stour

I love the evening sunlight on the bank behind them.

When we got back to the car park there were some people there with a couple of horses, giving them a nice cooling wade in the river. And I was amazed. It was about 8.30pm and there were still 20 cars, as well as the horse box, in the fairly small car park. A popular place in these hot summer days indeed.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk at Badbury Rings, where I took this photo of a Large White Butterfly.

Large White Butterfly


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