Max and I are back over Upton Heath

Sunday 27th July 2014

Jez has been in a funny mood today. She thought she wanted to go for a walk in the morning with Chris and Max, but Chris tried 3 different locations to get her to walk for more than a few minutes, and each time she wandered around and then went back to the car. So in the end he bought her home. Meanwhile, I got on with baking rolls for lunch and making some strawberry ice cream, which you can see here churning away.

Churning Strawberry Ice Cream

Jez didn’t want to come out in the afternoon with me either (I’m wondering if she’s a bit off colour after her walk in the heat yesterday afternoon), so in the end it was just Max and I that went over Upton Heath.

Upton Heath Panorama

We started off up the Roman Road, and as I was walking along something caught my eye in the undergrowth at the side of the track. At first I thought it was two very light coloured leaves, but on closer inspection I discovered it was two Large Emerald Moths.

Large Emerald Moths

I’ve never seen those before, so got quite excited. At which point the battery in my camera gave out, which is why all of the other photos are taken on my iPhone.

Insects seem to abound on the Heath at the moment. We hadn’t gone far before I spotted this gorse bush covered in a huge web. What I don’t know (and couldn’t see) is whether it was made by spiders or caterpillars.

Web covered gorse

Max and I went up to the Viewpoint (where I took that panorama), then round the back of the hill before coming down to the lower heath. Once there Max went in the deeper pond in the centre of the heath (he’d already been in his favourite pond near the Pits).

Max in the deep pond

After that we walked back along the Roman Road to the car.

You will be pleased to know that Jez perked up in the evening and was keen to go for a walk: very keen to go for a very fast-paced walk. Poor Chris!

A year ago today

Guess what! We were on Upton Heath, where it was a bit wet.

Slick Boards


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