We go to Upton Heath for the third day running

Monday 28th July 2014

Sorry about that, but Monday is bin day, and bin day means we walk over to Upton Heath in the morning. And when I say ‘we’ that means me, Jez and Max. The forecast is for it to be a bit cooler today, and the weather was certainly strange. When we got to Max’s favourite pond and looked north we saw this…

Cloud to the north

… and when we turned on the spot through 180 degrees and looked south we saw this.

Sunshine to the south

Perhaps I should have looked directly overhead and seen if there was a line in the sky!

I’ve noticed in the past few days that the Grayling butterflies are out and about on the heath.

Grayling Butterfly

And I finally managed to get a not-very-good shot of a Broad Bodied Chaser by the pond today.

Broad Bodied Chaser

Jez is obviously feeling better as a bit further on she was keen to play.

Jezebel wants to play

After that we met up with a group of doggie friends and walked back to the Roman Road with them, and then we came home via Creekmoor Ponds where we met more doggie friends.

Back home, just after lunch, Chris called me to the kitchen. He had spotted this young blackbird sunning itself on our garden furniture.

Young Blackbird in the garden

And as I watched it was joined by a second – presumably one of its siblings.

Then there were two

It was lovely to see them there.

A year ago today

We went to my Dad’s for lunch, where Jez spotted two young, velociraptor-like Magpies out on the lawn.

Baby velociraptor


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