Lots of activity at Upton Country Park

Thursday 31st July 2014

Today it was time for a walk at Upton Country Park. I’m not sure if I mentioned it but they are expanding the park, which is upsetting the tenant farmer as he is having to lose some of his land.

Upton Country Park is Growing

Today I was surprised to see that they had made a start on one of the new paths which starts in the Woodland Walk.

Making a new path in the Woodland Walk

It will be nice to have some new places to walk though. For today we had to stick to our normal walk, which took us past the lake where the effects of the hot summer were apparent as the local waterfowl have obviously been having second broods this year. Like this mallard with her chicks, all in a row.

Follow my leader

And this moorhen with her little chick (I love it’s bald head!).

Poor little baldie chick

So with all these young birds around I was surprised to see the first of the fungi coming through on a pile of wood chippings.

Early fungi

We walked on round to the front lawn where they were busy setting up for the Poole Town & Country Show.

Setting up for the Poole Town & Country Show

The dogs found it all very interesting.

Setting up for the Poole Town & Country Show

And Max loved these pens which, according to the signage laid on them, are for small animals such as guinea pigs. They must smell good.

Max takes an interest in the small mammal enclosures

Later on I had a text from my cousin Linda, asking if she could come to stay Sunday for a few days, so it looks as though I’m going to be busy. I have already asked Dad for Sunday lunch, so she will be able to see him, which will be good. Best plan out my menus and baking then.

A year ago today

We went to Broadstone Rec. for our walk, where Jez was looking very pleased with herself.

Happy Dog!


One thought on “Lots of activity at Upton Country Park

  1. We have a similar situation with an extension of a nature reserve in Spennels Valley. There isn’t a farmer to have a problem with it, but it opens later this month. It’s a marshy nature reserve extension.

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