We get rained on at Badbury Rings

Tuesday 5th August 2014

Sorry for the delay again folks. This should have been posted yesterday, but the new-style WordPress managed to lose everything I wrote and I couldn’t face sitting down and writing it all again. So here I am, 24 hours later about to begin again.

Today the weather forecast was for occasional showers, so we took our coats with us when we went to Badbury Rings. I say ‘we’ since Linda is still with us. She will go home on Thursday. I chose Badbury Rings for our walk as Linda has never been there before.

A visit to Badbury Rings

We took my normal, shorter route as we had Jez with us: along the side of the Rings and then up the hill to The Oaks; turn left walking past The Oaks and then back up another hill to High Wood, before heading back to the Rings. This was the view as we headed up to The Oaks.

Crops are ripening

It was a good job we’d taken our coats as once we got to High Wood it started to rain heavily. One good thing about still being in the woods, though, was that we could shelter under the large beech trees.

Linda & Max shelter from the rain

Once the rain stopped we headed back to Badbury Rings. En route I spotted these very pretty berries, which I have since discovered belong to the Wayfaring Tree.

Berries on a Wayfaring Tree

We walked back through the centre of the rings and back to the car. On the way home we called in at the farm shop in Pamphill and bought some goodies. Then after lunch Linda and I were out shopping again, this time at John Lewis Home (who annoyed me as they did not seem to be able to stock basic bed linen) and Home Sense, where I bought a new, very brightly coloured duvet cover.

A year ago today

We went to Upton Heath for our walk, where I took this photo of our friend Oakley the lurcher.

Please Miss, can I have some more?


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