A family outing to Tyneham Village and Worbarrow Bay

Thursday 7th August 2014

Today is Linda’s last day with us. Paul is coming to pick her up this evening. So we thought it would be nice if we could all go out together (me, Linda, Chris and the dogs). As it was such a nice day we decided to go to the village of Tyneham and take a picnic. So first of all we had to make our lunch. Here Chris decides that he can fit an entire Camembert cheese into his roll.

Chris likes a bit of Camembert in his roll

Linda and I soon disabused him of that idea though! So we made our lunch and then set out mid-morning, which was a mistake as the traffic to get into the Purbeck Hills was dreadful and we were stuck in a traffic jam heading to Wareham for ages. Eventually we got through it and made our way to Tyneham, though.

So about Tyneham: it is a deserted village. Up until 1943 it was a small rural community on the edge of the army firing ranges at Lulworth. The village, itself, was mentioned in the Doomesday Book, and parts of the church date from the thirteenth century. But in 1943 the War Office decided they needed the village and land for training troops, and in November 1943 the villages received letters telling them they had to leave within one month. The last of them left on 17th December 1943. They always hoped they would be allowed to return, but in 1948 the army placed a compulsory purchase order on the land and the village fell into ruin. Chris and I haven’t been there since about 1990, and so were surprised at how much it has been tidied up with a large car park added.

Anyway, on to photos of Tyneham. These are the labourers cottages.

Ruined Cottages

And this is the church.

The Church

Inside the altar is nicely dressed.

The Altar, Tyneham Church

And these are the memorials to the local landowners, the Bond family.

Bond family memorials, Tyrneham Church

The large manor house which was in the nearby woods no longer exists, but this was the rectory.

The Rectory

And these were the rectory cottages.

Rectory Cottages

The schoolhouse still stands though.

The Schoolhouse

And an old schoolroom has been recreated inside.

Schooling in a time long gone

Inside the old Schoolhouse

Finally, a view over the village pond.

The village pond

After we walked around the village we had our picnic. Here’s Linda and Chris at the picnic table.

Picnic Time

Then we took the path down to Worbarrow Bay.

Heading towards Worbarrow Bay

This is the bay.

Worbarrow Bay, Dorset

The dogs were happy to get down to some cooling water as it was fairly hot.

Chris throws Max's come

Here’s Max.

Max on the beach

And here’s Jez.

Jez playing in the sea

And after the dogs had cooled down Linda and Chris sat on the beach – although not together!

Three's a crowd

This is a view looking back along the beach. That large ‘hill’ is known as Worbarrow Tout.

View towards Worbarrow Tout

After we left the beach we walked back to Tyneham and then drove back up the hill out of the village. About a quarter of a mile to the west we stopped at Povington Hill, which has spectacular views over Poole Harbour and the Lulworth Ranges to the north.

Linda on Povington Hill, Dorset

And over the sea and Tyneham to the south.

Chris, Max and Me on Povington Hill, Dorset

It had been a lovely day. Paul arrived to collect Linda early evening, and before they left we shared an Indian takeaway.

A year ago today

We went to Canford Heath for our walk, where I took this photo of a couple of Stonechats.

The stonechats were a chatting today


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