Saturday on Upton Heath

Saturday 9th August 2014

Saturday means an afternoon walk with the dogs for me, and, as usual, we went over to Upton Heath.

Upton Heath

The heather has come out and so the heath is looking very pretty.

Heather on Upton Heath

I am surprised how quickly the heather has recovered since the fire in 2011.

As we headed up towards Beacon Road we met out lurcher friend Jasper, and so continued our walk with him and his Mum & Dad. Here he is by Max’s favourite pond.


If you’re wondering about his muzzle, he’s not always good with un-neutered males so his owners keep him muzzled. He’s fine with Jez and Max though.

While Max chased his cones both Jasper and Jez were at my side, vying for treats. In this photo Jez is looking at me imploringly.

Please Mum, I want some more
I called that one ‘Please Mum, I want some more’.

A year ago today

We went to Hamworthy, where there had recently been a heath fire.

The beach stopped the fire in this direction


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