Looking for water

Thursday 14th August 2014

It was just Max and I for our walk this morning as Jez decided that she didn’t want to come. We went over to Canford Heath, where, as we came to the top of Longfleet Drive and headed for the path in front of the old tip, I found this lovely bracket fungus.

Bracket Fungus

Talking of the old tip, they seem to be taking the surface layer off, including all of the scrub that has grown over it again. I thought the idea was to let it revert to heath, but obviously someone has decided to remodel it yet again.

More remodelling of the old tip

One problem with Canford Heath at the moment is the lack of water. Most of the ponds and the stream have dried up. But today I took Max out through the woods onto the old Coach Road, where he was pleased to find that one of his favourite ponds is still there.

Max in the little pond on the old Coach Road

We came back across the heath to where the stream should be, and then headed down to Hotchkiss Cross, where I was pleased to find yet another fungus: this time what I think is a small Grisette.

An early Grisette

Autumn is definitely approaching.

A year ago today

We were on Canford Heath again, but it looks like the weather was nowhere near as good. This was the view over Poole.

View over Poole


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