Upton Country Park in the morning

Wednesday 20th August 2014

I needed a walk where I knew roughly how long I would be today as I had to go over to Highcliffe and then Bournemouth to take Dad to the eye clinic in the afternoon. So I chose Upton Country Park and left home about half an hour earlier than usual. It was a good job I did. Jez decided she wanted to come with us and as a result our normal one hour walk took around an hour and forty five minutes! On the photography front I tried a suggestion to vary my photos by using a different lens. So today I attached the 70-300mm lens, which made me look at things slightly differently.

It was a lovely walk this morning though. There were people out walking, and people out jogging.


The cows were busy breakfasting on grass and chicory.


And mummy moorhen was out on the lake with her chick, which has now grown a few more feathers.

The moorhen chick is growing feathers!

The dogs, of course, had to go in the lake and the stream (here’s Max by the steam).

Max by the stream

And here’s both dogs crossing the boardwalk, where the rushes have grown up on either side.

On the boardwalk

And finally this was the view over Upton Lake towards Poole today.

View across Upton Lake

Thanks to our earlier start I was home in time to grab a bite of lunch before going over to Highcliffe. Dad’s appointment went reasonably well, although his eye was worse than usual afterwards. And I managed to get home in a reasonable time by coming back through Bournemouth in the rush hour, which says a lot about how bad my usual back route has got!

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Canford Heath where we met our old friend Toby.

Our friend Toby


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