Max and I go to Canford Heath

Thursday 21st August 2014

Jez didn’t want to come for a walk this morning, which was ok by me as it meant that when the time came to take her to the vet for another of her injections at lunchtime she was fairly eager to go out. So it was just Max and I who walked on Canford Heath. And today I parked in Asda and we walked up the red brick path to get to the heath (which is actually far less adventurous when you haven’t got Jez exploring every nook and cranny on and off the path).

Of course, walking up the red brick path meant that Max headed straight for the pond by Steeple Close which, fortunately, wasn’t as muddy this week as it was a couple of weeks ago.

Max with his cone

We took a fairly circuitous route today, which took us on a path through the heather…

Max in the heather

… not quite to the old tip…

View towards the old tip

… and ending up at the clean pond on the large hill up through the heath. At the top of that hill, though, I spotted this rather lovely, bronze-coloured fungus, which I think is another Amanita pantharina.

Amanita pantherina

So al good walk, all in all, and thankfully a less painful visit to the vet for Jez than last week.

A year ago today

Max and I had a lovely walk in the sun on the beach at Hamworthy.

About to set off


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