Lunch at Dad’s

Sunday 24th August 2014

Only a couple of snaps today. We went to my Dad’s for lunch, getting there just in time to see the start of the Belgium Grand Prix and to see Hamilton knocked out of the race by his ‘team mate’, Rosberg. Dad cooked dinner (well some of it – I finished it off) and I took dessert. I’d picked some blackberries on Friday and so made an apple and blackberry crumble. After dinner and the grand prix Jez decided she wanted to go for a walk, and took me round one of her favourite routes from when we were staying at Dad’s. Shortly after that my aunt called round to drop off some bones for the dogs. It took this photo of Max hoping to play outside the flat while we waited for her.

Max wants to play

Sadly there was nothing there for me to throw for him.

Back indoors we played Rummikub, and I won 3 games out of 3, much to Chris disgust. Meanwhile, Jez managed to sneak into Dad’s bedroom and re-arrange his neatly made bed to her liking.

Dad's nicely made bed obviously wasn't comfortable enough for Jez

Don’t be misled by the walker, by the way: Dad doesn’t actually use it any more.

A year ago today

We were at my god-daughter’s wedding in Oxfordshire, to a happy first anniversary to Lucy and Jam.

Confetti Shower


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