A wet walk on Upton Heath

Monday 25th August 2014

Yes, it’s the August bank holiday, and yes, it’s raining. I thought that’s what August bank holiday Mondays were for: so that it could rain and everybody who had planned exciting days out could get to stand around looking cold and miserable under umbrellas. Fortunately, we hadn’t planned an exciting day out. I, however, got to take Max over Upton Heath in the rain. Jez thought about it. She stood and looked out of the front door at the rain, and then turned around and went back inside.

Fortunately it wasn’t raining too hard for most of our walk. These rhododendrons near the entrance to the heath had received a good watering overnight.

Rain covered rhododendron

And at least I was dressed for the occasion.

Dressed for the wet

I did discover that my boots need waterproofing again though.

Max of course didn’t care.

Max doesn't care that it's raining

By the time we got to the Roman Road the rain had got a lot heavier. And you could see from the fact that the stream has already overflowed that we must have had a lot of rain overnight and early this morning.

It didn't take long for the stream to overflow

I briefly dunked Max in Creekmoor Ponds to rinse the worst of the mud off, before we headed on home. Jez had gone back to bed and stayed there. She also stayed there all afternoon and skipped the second walk of the day. In the end, Chris had to take her out in the evening.

A year ago today

It was the post-wedding party at my cousin, Linda’s. But first there were tables to be set up in the garden. Here’s Chris and Paul trying to look busy.

Personally I prefer them out here


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