Saturday means a walk on Upton Heath

Saturday 30th August 2014

Jez didn’t want to go for a walk with Chris and Max this morning. She seemed a bit under the weather, so I wasn’t sure that she would come with me. But as soon as I took Max out to the car I heard the bell on her collar tinkling it’s way towards the front door. That said, although she came with us I don’t think she felt too great: we had quite a few stops and she was sick at one point.

So, Upton Heath it was.

Upton Heath today

The view over the Heath towards Hamworthy and Arne was good today as the visibility was so good.

View across Upton Heath to Hamworthy and Arne

And while I had the EOS 6D with me I had another go at taking a photo of the burnt birch trees that always look so good against a cloudy sky.

Burnt Birch Trees

I spent quite a while today hunting for fungus. The only unusual one I found was in the woods just off the Roman Road. It is some sort of oyster fungus, but I’m not sure which one.

A form of oyster fungi in the woods along the Roman Road

And the birch bracket fungus are looking good again.

Birch Bracket Fungus

Otherwise it was a day for dogs. We met this lovely 12 year old Bichon Frise called Abby at Pinesprings.

Abby, a Bichon Frise

Abby sits patiently

Sadly she has some serious health problems.

Here Jez waits on this hill as she has spotted her friends Charlie and Libby further up.

Jez has spotted her friends Charlie & Libby further up the hill

And, like I said, she had a few rests, like this one here at Pinesprings.

Jez watching the world go by at Pinesprings

As well as eventually meeting up with Charlie and Libby we also met Jasper, our lurcher friend. Our walk today took us quite a while, but it was a very pleasant walk and Jez was much brighter by the time we got home: in fact she ran for the whole of her 20 minutes evening walk with Chris later on!

A year ago today

It was low tide down at Parkstone Bay.

Reflections in the mudflats


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