A timely walk in Wareham Forest

Sunday 31st August 2014

Jez went out for quite a long walk with Chris and Max this morning while I made blackberry ice cream.

Today I made blackberry ice cream

I think it will go quite nicely with apple pie.

As she had had a long walk this morning, I wasn’t really expecting Jez to come with me and Max this afternoon, but right at the last minute she decided she wanted to come too. I took both dogs out to the Sika Trail at Wareham Forest as it was fairly warm and sunny and I knew there would be lots of water there for them.

Unfortunately, the weather might have been quite nice, but my photography was not up to scratch, despite the fact I had the EOS 6D with the 70-300mm lens on it again. Which just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how good your equipment is, if you’re not a good photographer you will nearly always get rubbish photographs. I do have 4 to share from today though.

Firstly we have Max on the path.

Max in Wareham Forest

Jez is hidden in a water-filled ditch behind that long grass to the right of him!

And here is Jez, herself, if the Dragonfly Pool.

Jez in the Dragonfly Pool

Walking along the bottom path this little patch of heather caught my eye, with the sun nicely behind it.


And lastly, this is the view as we headed back to the car. As you can see, by this time the clouds were gathering and the sun was starting to go in.

Wareham Forest

We got back to the car park and Jez had a little rest before we got in the car to come home. We must have left a little while after 4.30pm. Which is why I say our visit was timely, as at just before 5pm the first calls were received by the fire brigade about a large fire at the landfill waste tip just outside Wareham (along the same road as the Sika Trail). If you are in the UK and have seen it on the news you will know that it’s a huge fire that is expected to burn for several day. So we had our walk out at Wareham just in time.

A year ago today

Jez spent a lot of her walk lying down again.

A lot of Jez's walk was spent lying down on the verges


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