Smoke gets in your eyes

Monday 1st September 2014

What people around here thought was a misty start to September, heralding the coming of Autumn, turned out to be smoke from the fire at the landfill site at Wareham. The health advice is a little vauge: no risk to health, but keep your doors and windows shut and carry an inhaler if you need it. Meanwhile I had dogs to walk, so we had to try and ignore the burning rubber smell and just get on with it. As usual for a Monday morning I headed over to Upton Heath. I say ‘headed’ since I started out with two dogs and headed in that direction. But by the time she got to Honeysuckle Lane Jez decided she was going no further, so I had to turn around and take her home again. It was second time lucky for Max and I though.

Once again the photos aren’t great from today. And there aren’t many of them, mainly because we met Henry, the English Pointer, and his Mum and we walked around with them.

So my first two photos are along the lines of September heralding in Autumn. Firstly we have a sweet chestnut, which are beginning to fall from the trees (Max will be happy).

It's that time of year again

And then another fungus that I spotted on the Heath (I’m not sure what it is though).

Unidentified Fungus

And lastly, not on the Autumn theme, we have a Marsh Gentian. The one I was keeping an eye on has gone over, but I found this one. They are quite rare, and the weather wasn’t good enough for this one to open, but I thought I’d try and get a photo anyway. Sadly, it’s really blurry as the Powershot is not good at close focusing, and the wind was blowing so the flower kept moving.

Marsh Gentian

I’ll keep trying to get a better shot.

The smoke stayed with us all day. I’m hoping it will be better tomorrow as the wind is forecast to change direction and take it away from us.

A year ago today

I nipped down to Poole to take some video for Chris. I snapped this shot of the High Street while I was down there.

Poole High Street


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