Early September on Canford Heath

Thursday 4th September 2014

It was a nice warm morning, this morning: not too hot; not too cold. Jez decided to stay on the bed in the sun, so Max and I went back to Canford Heath. We did a slightly different walk today as we didn’t have Jez with us: it tends to be a little bit far for her nowadays. Here’s Max on the hill that runs alongside the old coach road.

Heading down the hill

This was taken further down the hill, looking towards the old tip.

View towards the old tip

I had gone out this way hoping to find fungi (I know where they’ve been growing the past few years) but there are none around yet this year. I think the heath is just too dry for them at the moment. That said, Max did find a little drop of water.

Max doesn't need much water to play in

Notice that it doesn’t matter that it’s only a tiny puddle under a bank. He still expects me to throw something into it for him.

I also did eventually find some fungi – a bracket fungus. This is called Coriolus versicolor, and I always think they look like flowers growing on old stumps.

I always think these fungi are so pretty and look like flowers

I also spotted that the strawberry tree is finally bearing fruit, although they are not really turning red yet.

The strawberry tree is bearing fruit

And before you ask: the ‘tree’ is actually a shrub and although the fruits are apparently edible they are supposed to be fairly tasteless. They do have one saving grace though – they are used to make a type of Portuguese brandy.

In the afternoon I started to decorate my bedroom. I can’t recall whether I have mentioned that I have ordered new, fitted wardrobes & cabinets, but as the room hasn’t been decorated for years I thought it was about time it was done. I do all of the filling, rubbing down and painting the woodwork, whilst Chris does the walls. I’m picking the woodwork off in sections though: a wall at a time, so that I can go on sleeping in the room while I decorate.

A year ago today

Max and I were on Canford Heath where he got a little bit muddy.

It just gets worse!


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