Not quite a walk along the River Stour

Friday 5th September 2014

That had been the intention when I set off with the dogs for the River Stour at Cowgrove this morning. When we got to the little car park though the gate into the field was locked, and I just managed to squeeze in to park by the ford. We got out of the car and were about to start out walk only to be told that the small footbridge further along (just before the bay where the dogs play) has been removed (it is being replaced). Jez had other ideas anyway and headed straight across Eye Bridge.

Crossing Eye Bridge

I chatted with the man you can see on the bridge and he was planning to do the circular dog walk set out on the National Trust sign on the opposite bank. At first I thought we’d just cross back over the bridge and take the long route to the playing place. Meanwhile both dogs went in the water while I photographed a heron fishing by the weir.

Fishing for breakfast

We were about to head back across the bridge when I wondered if the longer ‘there and back’ walk would be too much for Jez, so I thought I’d follow the man’s example and try the alternative walk. We started out around the edge of a recently harvested hay field. It was hard going, and eventually I met the man coming back. He couldn’t find the walk. We both looked and couldn’t see where we had to go, so we turned back. Then I walked around the edge of the next field, which wasn’t right either. It did enable me to take this photo of one of the farm trailers though, with the remnants of the harvest on it.

Harvest time

And I took this shot across the field looking back to the cottages on the opposite side of the river.

Looking across to Cowgrove

By the time we’d finished walking round the field we were all tired out, so we went home. But not before I’d studied the map again. And I still don’t have the faintest idea where this dog walk is supposed to be!

A year ago today

We were at Cowgrove again, where Max was contemplating jumping over the weir.

Don't do it Max!


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