The harvest is in

Wednesday 10th September 2014

It was a lovely sunny morning, and surprisingly Jez decided that she would like to come for a walk. So today we went out to Badbury Rings. This was the view from the Rings out across the field where the Point to Point racing is held.

View from Badbury Rings across the Point to Point course

We followed our usual path and headed out from the Rings enclosure up the hill towards The Oaks. This is Jez and Max approaching the gate out from this part of the Rings.

Heading towards the gate leading to The Oaks

This next photo was taken across the field that had just been harvested the last time we were here. I love the little cloud in the sky.

The harvest is in

Even the cow parsley has shed all of its seeds now. I call this one ‘Reach for the sky’ and particularly like the sunlight on the snail.

Reach for the sky

After a slow start Jez decided to take the slightly longer route today that took us through King Down Farm. It is easy to see where all that hay has gone.

The hay barn

And so back towards the Rings. We did have a little walk in High Wood, but didn’t go the whole way round today as I was afraid it would be a bit far for Jez, who by now was slowing down. We also cut straight through the centre of the Rings (the part that was the old hill fort where the people once lived long ago). This was the view looking back towards the east entrance.

The path east

And last, but by no means least, a couple of photos of the dogs. Here’s Jez having a rest.

Jez has a rest

And here’s Max, with his ball, sitting by an old tree root.

Max by an old tree stump

In the end we were out quite a long time, but had a lovely walk.

A year ago today

This is getting spooky. Max and I were at Badbury Rings a year ago, but went for a longer walk out to the north of the Rings. As we drove down the track from the car park as we were leaving I stopped to photograph a horse in the bottom field.

Look who was in the field next to the road into Badbury Rings


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