Tuesday means Canford Heath

Tuesday 9th September 2014

I seem to have got back into the habit of choosing to walk on Canford Heath on a Tuesday. Today was a bit different though: I parked at Asda as I needed to refuel the car, and Max and I walked up the Red Brick path onto the heath (Jez choosing to remain in bed again). This was the view looking back the way we had come, once we got to the top of the hill.

View over Canford Heath

As we have had no rain there is still no water on most of the heath, but that doesn’t stop Max heading for the stream bed to play.


As we continued on round our circular route we paused to let a couple of horse riders past. I was amazed when a few yards further along the path I found this little wax cap.

Wax cap fungus

I don’t know how it has managed to survive in the middle of a main path, particularly not after the horses had been along.

We also had a phone call this afternoon. It was from the furniture company to say that our new sofas had arrived and would be delivered on Thursday. Can’t wait!

A year ago today

We met Archie, a 10 month old Airdale Terrier on Upton Heath.

Archie, a 10 months old Airdale Terrier


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