Bring in the new

Thursday September 11th 2014

No Jez for our walk again this morning. I think she’s been stiff and achy, so I’ve decided to bring forward re-starting her anti-inflmmatory medication by a couple of days. It’s her birthday tomorrow and I would like to think she is at least moderately pain-free for the day.

Before we went out on our walk, though, there was something far more exciting happening. Our new sofas were delivered. We have had our old black leather sofa for about 18 years now, and it was showing signs of its age. Here are the two new ones. Firstly the main sofa.

My new suite - the Sofa

And secondly the ‘Love Seat’: a small two seater sofa, together with the footstool.

My new suite - the Love seat

Max and I were therefore slightly late going for our walk.

For our walk Max and I went to Upton Country Park. Just after we arrived we met a lady with two dogs (one of whom was so excited to be there), who was walking at the park for the first time, so we walked with her to show her around. Here she is (with the blue jacket) walking through the Woodland Walk.

In the Woodland Walk

As we went through the Woodland Walk, though, we were greeted by a new sight.

One of the new Segway tours of Upton Country Park

Yes, Segway tours have come to Upton Country Park. The lady on the left is running them, and, as you can see, some of this morning’s participants were only too pleased to pose with her for me.

Further on round the back of the park we came across two men (well, one was covered in paint and heading back to their van) painting the electricity pylons. As I said to him: and I thought paining my bedroom was bad enough!

Painting the electricity pylons

We continued our walk with the lady and her dogs, who seemed happy of the ‘tour’.

Oh, and the Love Seat did get a little bit of action in the evening.

The new 'Love seat' gets some action

A year ago today

This is just getting too spooky! Max and I were at Upton Country Park, where I took this photo of two swallows.


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